The goat farm is one of the focal points of the innovative approach of REAL GREEK DAIRIES. In addition to being a source of quality and healthy milk, the farm plays a dual role: it increases business sustainability and constitutes a role model for the new generation of producers.

A key challenge the milk production sector currently faces is the downward trend in the number of producers. Difficult working conditions and the difficulty of achieving economies of scale have discouraged young people from entering the sector.

Through our pilot farm, we intend to reverse this climate.

We seek to prove that the traditional way of production can evolve with the use of modern technologies, creating a new production model. Through the pilot farm, we want to create a platform that will present the possibilities of upgrading milk production, even at the most traditional level.

We are convinced that the pilot farm can act as an example for young producers. We aim to attract those who, despite their family connection to the field, wish to offer a fresh perspective and sophisticated methods. We are also looking for entrepreneurs who will recognize the farm as a profitable investment, while contributing to the strengthening of the agricultural sector.

Through this pioneering approach, the REAL GREEK DAIRIES goat farm becomes a source of inspiration and an opportunity for the new generation to shape the future of the agricultural sector based on both tradition and innovation.