HELLENIC PROTEIN Group seeks to upgrade the dairy industry with REAL GREEK DAIRIES, based on Greek tradition and high expertise.

Our facilities include:

– Ecofarm Dairy Industry of Tripoli:
Production of cheese products such as feta (PDO) and goat cheese, utilizing the authentic character of Greek products.

– Milk processing and standardization unit in Apidea, Laconia:
Creating products from fresh milk, emphasizing purity and nutritional value.

– Model innovative goat farm under construction in Apidea, Laconia:
It is located in a lovely area, surrounded by green meadows and landscapes of exceptional natural beauty. Here, our goats live freely and are lovingly cared for by experienced breeders. It is an integrated division of Real Greek Dairies that represents our commitment to producing high quality dairy products from goats and sheep, through an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach. The farm represents our commitment to produce healthy and delicious products with respect for nature, animals and the local community.

Our facilities reflect our commitment to high quality and excellence at every stage of the production process. Quality and hygiene standards are strictly monitored at every level, from the collection of the milk to the production of our cheese products.