A Group with Vision

The Group

The HELLENIC PROTEIN group was founded in 1995 and is a pioneering force in the dairy industry, aiming to create high quality Greek dairy and cheese products, as well as baby milk formula powder.
Our mission is to respond daily to the competitive international arena, with a commitment to health and proper nutrition, offering products that meet the needs of all categories and ages, with our main concern being mothers and children. That is why we created REAL GREEK DAIRIES.
Through sophisticated strategy and continuous investment in technology, our company creates a new way of producing dairy products, characterized by authentic taste and rich nutritional value.
REAL GREEK DAIRIES highlights its innovation and pioneering spirit, as the first company in Greece to join a cooperative of milk producers as a private investor.

Our Work

At the heart of our work are consistency and reciprocity that form the basis of our commitments to you. We passionately promote solidarity, contributing to the development of a dynamic and profitable sector for producers and our company. This progressive approach highlights our willingness to strengthen local production, promote sustainability and achieve excellent quality. With this proactive role, we create a complementary dynamic that is a key pillar for ensuring health, safety and quality.
With high expertise and also respect for the Greek land and the environment, we elevate the Greek traditional taste to new levels of quality and excellence and create dairy products that bring the past and the future together.
At REAL GREEK DAIRIES we are proud of the path we have taken. Our dedication to Hellenity, Expertise, Solidarity and Consistency shapes every step we take.
Thank you for sharing this journey with us. With your continued support, we continue to distinguish ourselves and inspire, creating a timeless story of tastes and values.

Our Success is Based on Our Values

The HELLENIC PROTEIN Group is based on specific values that define our philosophy and approach:

Hellenity: We are proud of our Greek origin and we make good use of the traditional and quality characteristics of Greek products. Our products are produced from goat and sheep milk, offering a unique taste experience.

High Expertise: We have specialized expertise in the production of high quality dairy products. We combine traditional production methods with the latest innovative technologies to create products that stand out in the market.

Solidarity: Respecting the communities we serve, we offer our support with initiatives that contribute to social and environmental improvement.

Consistency: Our values are not just words. They are guides that determine our trajectory. We are constantly committed to achieving them, building a constructive future for all.

These values shape our identity and inspire our work. Real Greek Dairies offers products that reflect our quality, dedication and love for our versatile Greek heritage.

Our Commitment

At the HELLENIC PROTEIN Group, our main goal is to continuously provide high quality products and promote healthy and natural nutrition, based on the principles of sustainability and innovation. We ensure that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards and we offer a selection of dairy products that are tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly.
Health and nutrition are at the core of our mission. Every product we create reflects our commitment to promoting wellness through balanced nutrition. With the great taste and high quality of our products, we offer a range of options that help enhance overall physical and mental well-being.

Global Presence

The presence of REAL GREEK DAIRIES products is dynamic and continuous in many countries, all over the world. Based in Europe, we have expanded to China and the United States. This allows us to bring our products closer to people who are seeking a healthy nutrition and high quality in products that are rich in taste.

Every product we offer is based on scientific research and comprehensive data. Working closely with expert nutritionists and using certified sources, we ensure that each of our products contributes positively to the health and well-being of consumers, ensuring a healthy future for everyone.

Our Certifications